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Green Tree Servicing LLC Complaint - Be Cautious - Stay away - Mortgage Loan
Green Tree Servicing LLC Complaint

Green Tree Servicing LLC Complaint


Be Cautious - Stay away - Mortgage Loan

Please, if you are being harassed by this company or any other, go to:


There is plenty of information there to assist you in your rights. For starters, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, clause 805 in particular tells the consumer to send a “certified letter” to the company telling them to cease and desist all communications about the debt with the consumer. If they do not comply, you have a legal complaint. Another clause in this Act specifies threats of foreclosure, calling of third parties, additional fees, etc…

Please know your rights, this company treats us like this because they know that no one will actually use the laws that are available to protect from this treatment. I'd like to add that it is very important to keep all documentation from Green Tree, document the time and person in every conversation (you can even record the calls), and be sure to visit as many sites as possible to leave complaints. We, and the government, may not be able to shut them down, but we can and it is our duty to, stop them from receiving any more business outside of what they have. We consumers need to inform other prospective customers of the tribulations that go with this company. This company is a classic "predatory lender" - they chose to lend to "high risk" borrowers just so they can collect more interest.

My story went like this:

I am an employee of the federal government and I make very good money, my mortgage was sold to Green Tree by National City Mortgage. I am not experiencing any hardship, yet they insist on treating me as if I am a habitual offender and a child.

Green Tree Servicing calls repeatedly (at least once a day) concerning my mortgage payment, a debt that is not delinquent. When they call they are very insulting and at times resort to yelling at me and treating me like I have done something wrong. I have a legal mortgage "note" from the original mortgage lender (National City Mortgage) which states that my mortgage is due on the 1st of the month and that I will not be assessed a late fee until the 16th of the month. If this company doesn't have payment on the 1st of the month, they will not stop calling and harassing until it is received. I have explained to them that my payment comes from my bank and that my pay periods do not always fall into the schedule to have it delivered on or before the 1st. I have showed them that I have never been late (after the 16th) and never missed a payment. Instead of leaving it at that, they resort to insults and name calling insisting that I make my payments immediately and start doing it by the 1st if I want them to stop calling. This treatment is becoming very stressful and I have experienced much anxiety over these calls. I've never missed a payment or been late (after the 15th).

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deepearth says: (3 years ago)
Bank of America sold our mortgage to Green Tree over a year ago. The same thing happens to us. Like clock work the calls begin on the 1st of the month, 3 to 4 times a day. Always the same questions always the same rude behavior. I have caller ID and have just stopped answering the phone. They leave threatening messages that "It is in my best interest to respond by calling them." These people are the worst and although I have threatened them with legal action. The harassing phone calls continue.

bighume says: (3 years ago)
My mortgage was sold by Citicorp to Green Tree in June 2014. A portion of my unused escrow was transferred to Green Tree in the process. When I discovered I had a new mortgage lender I checked on them via the net and discovered they had a poor reputation.

Consequently I began making my payments on an average of 10 days early by Speed Pay, knowing they could not argue my payment had not arrived in the mail (they are in CA and I am in NC).

My escrow balance was about $222 or thereabout and when I made my first payment I called and talked to a representative who told me to make my payment less the escrow credit on my account. I did so as instructed.

Early this month I received a late notice insisting that I owed Greentree the escrow balance and they had re-added the amount to my regular mortgage amount. I advised them of my caution and that I had been instructed to take my credit on the first installment, however the dude I talked with stated that it was an escrow debit and not a credit.

I knew this was B.S. as Greentree would not have accepted a debit transfer from Citicorp, nor would Citicorp had put up with such a situation of that nature and let me get by with such a matter.

Reluctantly, I paid the amount but with great angst. These people are simply petty crooks that have no respect for their customers or for that matter, themselves. They can blow hard. Pay early and pay smart and that should provide you with a measure of safety.

I plan to refinance with Quicken Loans and ditch them ASAP.

kammysgrammy says: (4 years ago)
Our mortgage was sold to Green tree by B of A the beginning of 2013. We received our contract, signed, notorized and finalized. Our payments were to be around $ 750.00 per month. I made the payments for several months. In August I received a call from Cory stating my payments are $950.00 per month. I explained I have a contract and she told me to just tear it up, they made a mistake. I wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, but have not received a response. I contacted my lawyer and was told if I have a contract, signed and notorized by Green Tree, there is no case. I have made the higher payments since then, until I can get this resolved. Every month, Cory calls and asks the same stupid questions, Is this your phone number. Well duh, you call me every month at this number. Next she asks if we are keeping the house. I told her every month for a year if we decide to sell, she will be the first to know. Several more stupid questions and I finally told her not to call and waste my time anymore. This company is run by STUPID CROOKS!!! I will get this resolved, then I am suing. Have never dealt with such unprofessional IDIOTS IN MY 63 YEARS ON THIS EARTH.

Judyev0803 says: (5 years ago)
there is a law against 3rd party disclosure

32Crockett says: (5 years ago)
I am HAPPY with GreenTree, they are better than BOA, in fact, I just refinanced for a lower payment with NO costs...YAHOO and they were soooo nice with me! YAHOO! I thought BOA were terrible and I was happy that they sold me!

ginabug1785 says: (5 years ago)
Unfortunately I can't say that I have never been late with my payments , in the past three years I have lost a child to a car accident right after having a total hysterectomy and then ended up finding out that I had stage three colon cancer, needless to say we lost a lot of income at that time because my husband had to take time off after the death of our child and then again to take me to my appointments , when we signed our contract with greentree we were told that our interest rate was 11 percent and that our insurance payments would be included in our payments for five years , when we FINALLY got our copy of the contract we realized that the interest rate had been increased to 17 percent and that the insurance was only included for one year , which resulted in our payments being raised almost 100 dollars a month at the end of the first year, they house has had nothing but issues since we got it , they didn't replace the piece of siding that was missing with the correct siding , just slapped a piece up there that doesn't even match , the bathtub faucet was broke so we had to replace that at our own cost , the central Air unit had to be completely replaced ,again at our cost, the hot water heater did not work at the time so again we had to repair it, again at our cost, I receive multiple calls daily about my payments even though our situation has been explained to them multiple times, I am now faced with packing everything up and moving to a 5th wheel camper because forecloser is imminent . I raised my children in this house, I watched my son go to the Marine corps from this house and I lost a child while living in this house and because of the fact that the house is not worth the money that greentree is charging me for it , I have tried to refinance it through others but between being underwater on the loan and the fact that most people do not consider the fact that the house is setting on over 16 ton of solid packed rock a solid foundation no one will refinance it. at this time I owe almost as much if not more than what I agreed to pay for this house, it was appraised for a refinance by my bank at only 15,000.00 and according to greentree I still owe over 23,000.00! I would not recommend this company to anyone !
Thank you Mrs. Regina Phillips

nikkis1000 says: (5 years ago)
For fourteen years I had a very good relationship with GMAC. I never had a late payment, and I was set up on auto-draft twice a month. In February my loan was sold to Greentree. The problems started immediately. I was told my payments would go up a little over $500.00 a month, due to impound accounts needing a years cushion. I sent them a check to cover that, as I didn't want my payments going up. The payments went up anyway. After another month I was told my payments were going up another $1,000.00 a month. When I called I got nowhere. No one would tell me why, and when I finally got to a supervisor, she told me they could do whatever they wanted. I went to the bank and got a cashier's check and paid them off. That was several weeks ago. Today I got a nasty letter saying I was delinquent in my payment, and they had been unable to draft from my account. They're paid off, have my impound account, and are still trying to get my house payments. What a bunch of crooks!

cindyloohoo says: (5 years ago)
our loan with GMAC was bought by GT in Feb 2013. We didn't even receive notice from either company of the change until after Feb. 1st. They immediately started calling with threats about making the payment. They didn't even have a way to pay on-line because they had just acquired the mortgage and didn't have the info in their system. We mailed the payment. Even once they received the payment, they continued to call and say they didn't have it-it had cleared my bank account. Hours were cut back at work so my payments are no longer being made at the beginning of the month. The yell at me, and harass me beyond belief, until the payment is made. They always want me to post a payment with them for a specific date. I always tell them no, that I will make the payment on the day that I have the money in the bank. The refuse this!,yelling at me telling me the are documenting the account that I am refusing to make my payments!--Even though I make them every month, and have not been 30 days late. Tonight they told me they were going to note the account as I was refusing to pay, and that they would refuse payment if it wasn't made today?? What is wrong with these people?

Talon1 says: (5 years ago)
I also have experienced a nightmare dealing with my mortgage transfer from Bank of America to Greentree, LLC. I should not have to prove to these people every month that I have made my payment. They call me every day at work and on my cell and harass me, even though I have made my payments on time. After researching the history, I see I am not alone, and all I can say is “ditto.” I appreciate all the customers who have shared their stories, or I would not have known the extent of the problem. Don’t waste your time with these obnoxious creeps. You have rights under the law, and Greentree is violating the law with its abusive practices and failing to post payments in a timely manner. I strongly recommend you file a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, who regulates mortgage companies. You may also need to get your state Attorney General’s office involved. A letter to your Congressman informing him how the laws are not working might also be in order. The more people complain, the more attention this will receive. There is strength in numbers.
According to the Federal Trade Commission,
“The servicer must credit a payment to your loan account as of the day it is received.”
Submit a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.
Also see their regulations about how the transfer of your mortgage should be handled:
Here is a list of even more regulatory agencies. Maybe this is part of the problem. They all do different things, which complicates matters even more. President Obama’s plan is supposed to consolidate these agencies.
For more information, see:
Good luck!

alexa2012 says: (5 years ago)
I positively hate GREEN TREE. My loan was transferred from Bank of America to Green Tree about three months ago. I want to tell Bank of American thanks so much for the royal middle finger you gave me when you sold my loan to Green Tree.

My mortgage went up by almost 60 dollars as soon as my loan was purchased by them. And get this WHY do I have to pay 12 dollars just to pay my loan online or by phone? What company charges a processing fee just to pay my mortgage online? The customer services answer was well you can pay by mail with no fee but understand that it takes 7-10 days to process by mail and you will be charged a late fee if its late. If I am already paying on the 12th of the month then it would be considered "late" if I mail it in. You see how they manage to charge an extra fee for nothing!!

Then this people are heartless. I tried to get on a automatic pay that can come out twice a month because my mortgage went up. These ***holes say they can only take auto pay for one full payment, once a month. WOW Its so obvious they don't care about customers, and could careless if you lose your home. I have no respect for this predatory company and as soon as I can im moving my business. Just make sure you let everyone you know about how horrible Green Tree is so we can put them out of business.

GiGi38 says: (5 years ago)
We were with Greetree Lending as well. Our mortgage was sold to GT by National City. When they sold the mortgage and told us that we would hear from our new mortgage holder as to when our next payment would be due to them; this was in November. Our next mortgage payment was coming due and since we did not hear from our new mortgage holder, I made my December payment to National City....National City didn't call us regarding the last payment, but Greentree did...they called us deliquent on our first December payment. I told them that it was sent to National City because we had not received a bill with our new loan number for the December...that didn't make a difference and so we had to pay them the December payment as well. We too always paid our mortgage within 5 days of our grace period; just as we always had with all our other lenders, having a carry over contract from National City. The harrasing and abusive phone calls began immediately on the first day the payment was due and every day after that until they received thier money. Since they called us diliquent on our first payment, which Greetree had not sent us a bill for, they wouldn't allow us an automatic withdrawal from our checking account; as a punitive measure. What company would punish someone who asked for an automatic withdrawal on the day it was due? So to avoid the harrasing phone calls we decided to be certain they received their payment the day before it was due....no more phone calls. I did call the Attorney Gen in Florida and he, in a very nasty demeanor stated that the payment is due on the first, pay it on the first.
Well, that is what we did!
In 2012 we did a refy to get out from under GreenTree, as we just couldn't stand their brutal business practices. I called to find out when Greetree would pay our taxes to a county in Florida and they assured me they would be paid on the 15th of the month. Our closing was on the 21st of the month and when we went to closing, Greetree had not paid the taxes at that time they said they would (imagine that....they weren't on time) and so we went to closing with $2,600. extra to pay the taxes that were to have been paid on the 15th of November by Greentree.
Since we paid our taxes twice in November, one by our new mortgage company and later by Greetree, the money from the property tax collector, instead of being sent back to me, was sent back to Greentree lending as an overpayment, with a transmittal number of the funds returned, along with a dollar amount and a identification number indicating our personal refund due.
This is now May and we have not received our refund of our Property Tax that was paid out of our escrow. These are monies that do not belong to Greentree, it was not a payment to serve as interest to our mortgage, but it was our personal monies that would be held aside to pay the taxes when they were due....it was not apart of our loan for payment.
By law, Greentree is suppose to return the money to us within 90days of the return by our Tax Collector; this is now May, well past 90 days.
No one from our Attorney Generals office wants to get involved with seeing to it that we get our money back when it was due, but they would be very nasty if it were the other way around. So it's no wonder why Green Tree can get away with all the breaking of the laws.
I'm told we should get an attorney, but by the time an attorney gets a hold of our complaint, there would be nothing left and we would most likely be in debt to him/her.
I want to know why our state (Florida)doesn't get involved with an investigation of Green Tree Lending, and the theft of money that clearly doesn't belong to them. I would like to see punitive damages applied to this company, but I guess I could hold my breath;
Beware of Green Tree Lending....they are crooks and they are allowed to prey freely on their elder and disabled victims in Florida!

LDCraig says: (5 years ago)
Our story is similar to everyone else's here. Our mortgage was held by Bank of America, then sold to Green Tree. At first everything seemed okay, but very soon the bubble burst and we began receiving calls about late payments, even though we paid by the 15th of the month. Our service representative was Nick, who started out being understanding and sympathetic, but eventually showed his true colors. When the economy went into the toilet, my job petered down to part-time. Because of the bad economy and the logistics of my job, I couldn't find other work to supplement the family income, and soon the harrassing calls began.

When I explained to Nick that we missed a payment because we needed to pay other bills with the money, he demanded that I call my family, my boss, my church (we don't belong to a church), and/or "do whatever it takes to make this payment" or we would be sent into foreclosure. As I understood it, you have to have missed three payments before a lender can begin foreclosure proceedings. Green Tree counted each time we were late with a payment as "missing a payment", even though we were never more than a month behind.

Eventually, the tighter things got for us, the worse the calls became. We refused to answer the phone (and the house phone didn't have voice mail) because there was nothing more to say to Nick. He accused us of "not wanting to pay a legal debt" (not true), demanded to know if we could "even afford to live in the house." I told him we didn't have a choice; we HAD to stay here because we had no place else to go.

Nick eventually bullied us into an arrangement where they would set up an automatic deduction from our bank account, which we did very reluctantly, on his assurance that if we called to say the payment had been made BEFORE the end of the month, that they would take the auto-pay off our account. And this set up would be in place until we paid off the amount in which we were arrears. In addition, the month we missed would be divided up, and an additional amount added to each monthly payment for the next eight months. While this was an extreme hardship for us, we managed to make the heftier payments.

Then one month I called Nick to let him know the payment had been sent, and he refused to take the auto-pay off our account. He said they were going to take the money anyway, because we "have been behind in your payments for the last six months, and we can't continue to carry this loan in this manner." I protested vehemently, and said, "This is the arrangement YOU set up for US. We have abided by it, though it's been a hardship for us, and now you're reneging on it?" He reiterated that the loan was in default and the amount was due now, and even though we had made payments in good faith for six solid months, and only had a couple months to go on the plan they set up, they intended to debit our bank account on the first of the month.

"You can't do that," I said. "The money won't be there. There isn't enough in the account for you to take, and if you try, it will throw us into an overdraft situation." Not even an "I'm sorry" from Nick. He merely said, "This is a debt that you owe, and we are within our rights to collect on that debt."

I said, "Fine, you do what you have to do, and I'll do what I have to do." I hung up on him, and immediately called my bank to put a stop payment on any transaction of Green Tree's to take the money from my account. I was also told by the bank rep to change my settings from "Overdraft Protection" to "None", so that my bank wouldn't just pay the transaction and hold me accountable to repay it. I felt confident I had circumvented their tactics. But a few days later I checked my account and saw that I was overdrafted by the amount of our mortgage payment. Green Tree had put the withdrawal through, as I expected they would, but my bank had let it slip through. I was livid, and called my bank right away. Once I expalined matters to the representative he put me on hold for a long time. I realize now he was probably listening to the recording of the conversation I'd had a few days prior with the other rep. When he came back he told me I had been given "incorrect information". He didn't come out and say it was the bank's fault, but he told me they would issue a temporary loan to replace the money Green Tree had taken until the claim could be resolved. Less than a week later, I got another call from Nick at Green Tree who informed me in a much subdued voice that the current month's payment was due, and "could you please have that for us by the 15th". I assured him it would go out at that time, but inside I was doing the happy dance. By the next month, I had a new account representative at Green Tree, and when I casually inquired where Nick was, I was informed he had "moved on to other interests."

I'm convinced that my bank threatened real legal action if Green Tree didn't give that money back.

This is long-winded, and our situation has not improved. We are once again behind on our mortgage, after having stayed more or less current for nearly a year. I don't see any hope of getting out from under Green Tree's looming shadow unless we can manage to refinance. The problem is that our credit rating is not good, and our house is worth less than we're paying on it. I plan to call our bank and any other federal assistance program I can find that might be able to help us refinance our way out of Green Tree's grasp. "Predatory lender" doesn't even BEGIN to describe Green Tree's business practices.

hicks says: (5 years ago)
my thing is... me and my wife have never even heard of these people until we received a letter in the mail today saying we owe them 35k dollars, so im assuming they are scammers looking to destroy peoples lives. but they don't want to cross that line. we just want to live in peace.

leighann457 says: (5 years ago)

Sign this petition mentioning Green Tree before Feb 25, 2013!

leighann457 says: (5 years ago)
I found a petition to the White House which specifically mentions to stop Green Tree from harassment. Please go to this link and sign it. There needs to be 100,000 signatures before Feb. 25, 2013! Copy and past the link below into your browser to sign it. Please don't forget how mad they made you and how they are still continuing to harass people using scare tactics.


janetj says: (5 years ago)
My mortgage was sold to Green tree from National City mortgage in 2008, their service is horrible and disgusting. Their sales reps are rude, disrespectful and nasty. They have no empathy for any one, they call 20 times a day. I lost my 5,000 per month job 2011 and used up my entire 40,000 severance payment to pay my mortgage, now I am unable to pay that 3,300 mortgage. I tried to have a loan modification, I submitted all the requested paper work, they confirmed they received them then sent me a letter claiming they did not received it. I was outraged. There is no where to turn when this happens, Can Fannie Mae or Freddie do something about this problem. Look at the enormous similar complaints? May be we should go to the white house for help if no one can assist with this ridiculousness. If they cannot then our next step is GOD!! GEEZ, HELP

zackman1 says: (5 years ago)
same as everyone else it has been hell.they have lied ,refuse to send any statements to back up there request for more money and even tried to forclose on my home for less then 200.00 dollores on a 25000.00 loan , why has nothing been done about them?

ravenrnc says: (6 years ago)
Do not deal with this company. My story is the same as ones posted here. Harassment, calls etc... When the payment is not even late.

cwrade says: (6 years ago)
Our Mortgage was sold to Green Tree by Bank of America in Sept of 2011. I had never been late with Bank of America in the 8 years that I had a mortgage with them. 2 months after my mortgage was transfered to Green Tree I see a charge for 25.00 listed as Corporate Account Balance. When I called Green Tree to inquird they stated it was because I was late a payment in March of 2010. I told them that I kept meticulous records and could infact mail them April 2010 payment that indicated the payment was recieved on March 4th. The person on the phone stated that they could not recieve an email with a pdf. or a fax from me. B.S.
I paid the extra 25.00 just to be done with it, and these morons applied it to my escrow and then increased my mortgage by 25.oo for 3 months until they were finally able to straighten it out. I asked for a refund of the additional 75.00 paid and they said no they would just add it to principle. Next month I see the 75.00 has not been added to principle and my morgage is still 25.00 higher and has not been adjusted downward. When I called to inquire they stated they had no record of the call but would look into it. I asked the lady for her full name and extention so I could make note of who I talked to and when, she then stated were not able to give out that information. I have begun noitifying Green Tree that I am recording the call prior to addressing the issue, (recorded on my Olympus recording device. Amazing how quickly the resolved the problem.
I also had an insurance claim for a new roof due to a fallen tree. I was given a check for 3780.00 2 months ago from my insurance company made out to myself and Green Tree. Green Tree was to endorse the check and send it back to myself and my wife. The contractor that we were working for was to accept that as his initial down payment. When I called Green Tree they said that they would not be releasing the money until the job was complete and they had recieved the second check as well. The second check was to be final payment upon completion of the roof and Green tree said they would release the total sum of 10850.00 only when they had sufficient evidence that the roof was completed in a satisfactory manner and that would require having a adjuster of their choosing examine it at my cost. 2 months later the contractor has put the project on hold as we refuse to pay anything out of pocket when we were paid a settlement covering the entire roof. Green Tree has our money but we are refinancing so this should end this bloody mess.
Tommorow my wife and I are refinancing under the Harp program. Greent Tree encouraged us, even sent us an overnight letter encouraging us to refinance through Quicken Loans to get a lower rate. The reason they wanted us to refinance is because when you refinance under Harp, your loan becomes 100% guarenteed by the goverment. We told Quicken we were not interested and contacted New American Funding 800.450.2010 and they were able to get us to close in 23 business days. Our new rate will be 3.75% instead of the 5.75 % we were at and the best part is we will no longer be apart of Green Tree as of tomorrow. I have contacted the South Dakota States Attorney who informed we that they have 30 days to release all monies. Thank God!

JSmith007 says: (6 years ago)
Green Tree is the worst Mortgage Company I have ever dealt with. I have 2 other Mortgages with other lenders/banks, and have had my Mortgages sold over the years to a lot of different ones. Green Tree treats you like dog stuff. I think they send all customer servers people to a school to learn how to treat people bad. One of the nicest things that could happen to this company would be for all their Mortgages to just STOP PAYING then and let them go bankrupt.

It takes a lot to get me to coplain...they are that bad.

yonaton says: (6 years ago)
They withheld my insurance money to pay my roofer. This company is criminal organization in my opinion.

simba4502 says: (6 years ago)
I had them buy my mortgage from willshire, they after sueing them come to find out they are green tree. My payment is due by the 13th of the month. I have till the 28th till it is late, then they start the process of foreclosure. now I am out $5,723.44 and they seem to not find the 1,300.0 i over paid. his Mr bradford stole my money, cause when I ask about it he starts yelling. I asked him were is the over payment. all I get is your late. Now they will not cash my checks and they sit on them telling me they are late. secret i spend the extra money and send out my payments certerfied. tells me when it it hits there mail box. it is worth it. this company is a piece of shit. I sued them once doing it again i won. so now they can pay me again

widow2009 says: (6 years ago)
My story is completing, greentree got my mortgage from Conseco. My husband passed in nov.2009 & we thought we had life ins. on him that would pay my home off but when we tried to get them to pay they said our ins. had lapsed 5 yrs. into our contract & yet they neglected to notify us but payment stayed the same & I was left with a 958.00 payment that I can't pay out of my disability check so now they are foreclosing on my home, the interest rate is over 13%. I am recieving harassing calls & threats that they will take any assets I have even my check if they foreclose, they can foreclose, I can't pay those paymentsout of 1200.00 a month, but if they think they are going to take everything from me I am ready to fight, these people are predaters & prey on people they think it will be easy to get away with whatever. I have been through enough in the last three years so if they want to push me I'm going to push back, I think we should get a class action suit against them just to see haw many people they have screwed over..........

xocy says: (6 years ago)
I have the same problem. My payment is due on the 1st. Today is the 7th, and they have already called me eventhough the payment is not late.

robbedbygreentree24 says: (6 years ago)
They bought my loan 2 mos ago and it has been Hell! Harrassing on the 1st of the month which I have always paid within 5 days of the 1st. They have also raised my loan payment $100+ a month! When I questioned them they call it a "necessary cushion" and had the nerve to tell me if they wanted they could raise it more. My taxes have not gone up nor has my insurance. Please help! What can I do to get rid of them before they give me a heartattack :(

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